Imagine If Distribution Now Up & Running

Imagine If Distribution logo

Today I am pleased to announce that our sister company Imagine If Distribution ( is up and running after having finished their website. We work hand in hand with them to provide in-store distribution & product development options for our own joint projects and clients. In turn we work with them and their clients to provide website, audio and design services. This close affiliation allows us to deliver large scope projects all the way from product development through to physical and online distribution all in the one place.

Imagine If Distribution also incorporates Resonanz Recordings - an established CD distribution company started by Giovanni Lordi and Rick Collingwood, and in which I worked myself for 7 years. This side of the business will still continue as normal - wholesaling to the 500+ stores across Australia with their large range of different CDs.

The new change in structure was made to accommodate the new directions and areas the company is heading into. Now they will be expanding beyond just CD distribution and into other areas for other product types, new ideas and inventions. Their business model is based on a very effective and far-reaching structure...

1. Continuation of in-store distribution to individual shops and businesses for all types of products

2. Working with other large-scale international distributors for expanded reach

3. Working within another affiliate company Product Search International ( for full product development services (PSI is an organisation set up by patent lawyers, prototype engineers, government grant specialists, website designers (myself), marketers, and sales agents (Imagine If Distribution).

Essentially this means our extended network can handle EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT needed to get any type of product up off the ground and into the hands of the end-customers. We all provide our specific services and plug into to a common system to make this happen under the one roof.

If you have a new idea, invention or product - I highly recommend going to and contacting Giovanni about how we can all help take it to the next level.

- Ryan