Recording, Editing & Background Music

We can help you produce high quality audio to be used in a CD, MP3, video or other presentation. There are many stages for this - so listed below are the most common jobs we do. These can all be done on their own, or together as part of a full project.

1. Voice Editing

If you have some vocal files recorded that you would like edited, you can send these in to us and we will professionally master them and add any background music/sounds that you like.We have helped record more than 200 spoken word albums for genres such as hypnosis, meditation, audiobooks etc. We have a great deal of expertise in this particular area. For voice editing we will take out any background noise or hiss, cut out any mistakes in the recording, compress the audio so that it is a nice consistent level, and add in additional effects such as reverb/delay etc. to make it sound great!

2. Custom Background Music & Sounds

Do you need some music or sound effects made for your album or video? Just let us know what style of music, instruments, tempo, mood, sounds etc. and we can create tracks of any length to suit your needs. This is done either with recorded live instruments (guitar, bass, drums) or via midi. Commonly we do jobs like adding background soundtracks to meditation albums, music/sounds for corporate presentations, and SFX for videos/ animations.

Example of voice-over, SFX and background music we made as part of an animation for LS Trader UK.

3. Royalty Free Music/Sounds

If you would prefer the more affordable option of using pre-made royalty free music, we can help integrate this into your audio project. For this we can recommend some of the best places to purchase your royalty free music and then compile your chosen tracks into your project such as a video, CD album, web presentation etc. This is a very easy process and does not cost too much.

4. Recording

For Brisbane residents, we recommend doing your recording with our friends over at Alchemix Studios in South Brisbane. We choose to use Alchemix because we know their quality is always perfect, they are great to work with, and their rates are very affordable. If you can't make it to Brisbane to record, or prefer to use your own studio, you can always send us your recorded audio for editing instead.

Alchemix studio pics
Pics from Alchemix Studios - where we recommend clients in Brisbane record