Hypnosis & Meditation CD Projects - Recording, Editing, Cover Design & Distribution

Do You Want to Make a Hypnosis, Meditation or Other Spoken Word CD?

If you want to make a spoken word CD you have come to the right place. Ryan Mentzer (owner of Imagine If Media) has 10+ years 'hands on' experience in all all aspects from recording, editing the voice, adding background music, and designing the cover. We can also help you get your CD manufactured as well as offer solutions for distribution - both digitally for MP3s as well as in-store for CDs.

What we offer is a fully customised COMPLETE SOLUTION - all the way from writing the script to helping sell to prospective customers. Some of our work has includes clients like Rick Collingwood, Giovanni Lordi (Australian Hypnotherapists), Deb Webber, Oasis of Inner Light, Elizabeth Mani, Tracey Delysia-Wolter (Australian psychics/meditation authors), Sound Bath Healing (sound bowl music albums).

Examples of Our Previous Work

Rick Collingwood

'Enhance Your Calm' Hypnosis CD

Giovanni Lordi

'Superconscious' Hypnosis CD

Elizabeth Mani

'The Calling' Meditation CD

Ryan has also completed a Certificate and Advanced Certificate in hypnosis from the Australian Academy of Hypnosis. This means he is well versed with the important aspects and dynamics of hypnosis as well as meditation, NLP, self-help programs and other spoken word modalities.

The Process for Making a Hypnosis or Meditation CD...

Below are the steps involved in making a spoken word CD with music. We can take over your project as a whole from start to finish involving ALL steps, or we can help out with SOME steps, according to what your needs are.

Step 1. Recording your Voice

If you live in Brisbane we recommend Alchemix Studios which we can organise your studio time with directly if you want. If you live interstate we can recommend another good studio to use or you can choose one your self and send us the audio. If you are on a shoe-string budget and would prefer to record your own voice - we can help guide you to do this in the best way with what you have at home. Please note - if you record your own voice and the audio is below par - the editing costs estimated below will be more expensive.

Cost estimate: Approx. $160.00 for 1st hour and $100.00 per hour thereafter (Alchemix Studios price August 2013)
Note: For a 40 minute recording - you will want to allocate about 1 hour in case you make any mistakes.
Tip: it is cheaper to record multiple titles in the one session as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc. hours are reduced.

Step 2. Editing Your Voice

Once you have recorded your voice, we are sent the audio and use our digital audio software to clean up and enhance the vocal track. Here we will remove any mistakes made, take out any background noise or hiss, and compress your voice to an even level throughout the recording. If requested we can also add any number of effects to your voice like reverb, echo or the repetition of keywords. We pay great attention to this part so as to create the most professional sounding recording possible.

Cost estimate: 1 x 40 minute voice recording edited is approx. $140.00

Subliminal Messages: In hypnosis recordings we often use subliminal messages. These are short statements layered at a consciously inaudible level under the mix. If you would like to include these, we can arrange this for you before you do the recording so as you can record the messages you would like on a separate track for us to edit in at this stage.

Step 3. Adding Background Music

There are many different options when it comes to adding background music and sounds. (samples of each listed below are available on request)

  • Binaural Beats: special trance frequencies that help the listener reach specific levels of trance (you can choose the trance level for us to use).
    Approx. cost: $40.00 for a 40 minute track
  • Pre-purchased royalty free/licensed music: you choose the background music or we recommend places where you can browse through different music and we put it together on your album.
    Approx. cost: $30.00 (does not include cost of the music purchased from 3rd party sellers)
  • Custom made music: we can make original music according to your specification.This is done via MIDI synthesised sounds on a keyboard (classical, piano, pan flute, ambient electronic etc.) or live recorded instruments upon special request for an additional fee (guitar, flute, piano percussion etc.)
    Approx. cost: $200.00 per 5 minute block of music (4 separate instruments)

Step 4. CD/MP3 Cover Design

Once the audio is all done - you will want to present it to your potential customers in the best way possible. We can create beautiful artwork for your CD cover in any of the packaging formats available like Jewel Cases, DigiPack Wallets etc. as well as on the CD itself. If you are not making CDs but just want some artwork for your MP3 - we can do this too.

The steps to do this are simple. You tell us how you want it to look - so choose any pictures, font-styles, colours etc. + write the text (About CD, Author bio etc.) and we put it all together for you. If you would prefer us to do this for you if you are unsure of how you want to present it - we can help with this too.

Cost Estimate: 1 CD cover approx $160.00 (1 page front booklet + 1 page back booklet + CD art)

Step 5. CD Manufacturing (Making your CD with Choice of Packaging)

Due to the high volume of jobs we do - we have a special purchasing arrangements with a large CD factory that we use. Basically the prices we offer can't be beaten - although they do fluctuate according to the value of the Australian Dollar and the type of packaging you require. We use many different packaging formats from Jewel Case, DigiPacks, Clear Plastic Sleeves, Wallets etc. Please contact us here to enquire about packaging formats and prices.

Step 6. Digital Distribution

We can offer you a contractual digital distribution agreement, or recommend the best place to go to DIY. We also have partnerships with large websites that specialise in this type of product which we can sell your MP3s under license from. Please view our digital distribution details here

Step 7. In Store CD Distribution

Please call Ryan on 0410 625 074 or contact us here for more details on this. If your CD is already ready to go - you can submit your album to us for consideration